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A Canadian's French Kitchen

or "A French Canadian Kitchen?"

On our annual return to France every spring, certain "rituals" must be observed. Among the most enjoyable rituals are those concerning the re-stocking of the pantry. Soon after arrival, homage must be paid to the weekly farmers market, where currently, local strawberries and asparagus are placed highest on the podium. But other local fare deserves to be respected as well.

Once the "gods of the market" have been appeased, respects must be paid to the makers of the olive oil. A few kilometers outside of St.Remy de Provence, is the perfectly charming provencal village of Maussane-les-Alpilles. Set in a region that is surrounded by olive groves, Maussane produces much of the olive oil in France. "Moulin Jean Cornille" is a local olive oil mill that produces a very fragrant, fresh olive oil that is worth every minute of the drive 2 hour drive to acquire. 

Confiture d'oignons (a relish made with red onions and vin…