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Boutis on the Go

Before leaving for home in Vancouver at the beginning of August, we are planning to spend a little time driving about the French country. Between following road signs and being "Mme. GPS", I may have a little time for some stitchery in the car. (Maybe more wishful thinking then reality!!!). However, we can dream.

To practice "le point arriere" (back stitch), the stitch I seem to be focussing on this summer, I chose to make "Les capucines", one of Mme. Francine Born's smaller designs.

Here is my work in progress of "Les capucines", using her recommendations for materials and colour choices for the fabric and thread. For the cording, I will likely stay more monochromatic and skip the green yarn entirely, play with the yellow, and keep mostly to the white. It's a good opportunity to experiment.

To practice "point arriere" (or back stitch), the choice of using a coloured thread made sense. It makes it easier (on aging eyes! ... a…