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Break for Boutis

Blocking Boutis:

Between all of the machine sewing and quilting that have kept me gainfully occupied over the last few months, I have taken a little time to work on my boutis.

You may remember the little saffron coloured boutis rose window below from my post on October 15, 2014 . Once stitched and corded, it was soaked in a basin of warm water with a little gentle soap (such as Orvis), and then straightened and squared up with thumb tacks on a heavy sheet of styrofoam. It was originally destined to become a pin cushion, however, at 5" x 5", I find it too large to be practical for that use. Currently, it's ultimate destiny is undetermined.

Done a number of years ago, the little cicada used in both of the pieces below was my first attempt at boutis design. Most of the stitching and cording had been completed at that time, and now required only a little more cording to finish. It's very simple design allowed for …