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Stitching the Boutis Blues

Europe is rich with magnificent historical buildings, many dating back to medieval times and earlier. Spending time exploring some of these amazing architectural structures is always a priority and highlight for me when traveling in Europe. After reading "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett, I became particularly fascinated with cathedrals and living in France for a number of years gave me the opportunity to visit many of them.

Cathedrals provide a huge source of design inspiration for me. From floor to ceiling, inside to out,  they hold a treasure trove of motifs and patterns. I have spent hours photographing and collecting data in these churches and cathedrals and they have become an important resource for me. Rose windows, in particular, fascinate me and have become a recurring theme when I'm making patterns for my boutis. The radiating bars that divide the circular windows into segments easily lend themselves to boutis design.

With the help of my husband and Auto…

Remake of an Old Favourite Shirt

When a shirt (or any item of clothing) becomes an all time favourite,
 it is worn beyond threadbare to such an impressive point that there are not even enough threads to mend. Replacing it wasn't an option, because the store where said shirt was purchased some 15 - 20 years ago had long since closed. What to do?

While evaluating the options, I came across an almost identically coloured cotton in my stash, so maybe mending would be possible.

The thought of unpicking all of the seams was extremely uninspiring, (understatement of the year), but the more I thought about the problem, the more of a challenge it became. So unpick is what I did. (The things we do for love)

Once the daunting, dreaded task of unpicking was done, I used these pieces to draft new pattern pieces for the parts to be replaced. Taking another look at the shirt to be mended, I decided that even though the worst worn bits were to be replaced, the rest of the shirt was not in a condition where it would withstand a …

Summer Seams for Kids

Unexpected detours and commitments have kept me away from my machine quilting for far too long. Since January, the teal silk bedspread that I had been working on for most of the fall of 2018, has not been touched. Ouch! Instead of letting this traumatize me too much, I have been consoling myself with smaller projects.

From a very young age, I was sewing clothes for myself and later for my daughter. But, since quilting entered the equation in the early eighties, the closet has relied more on a working credit card, rather than a working Bernina.

Sewing clothes, especially for little ones, doesn't require nearly the same investment of time that quilting or boutis require. And, since four year olds are always happily growing up into the next size up, I've had fun over the last few months sewing for my granddaughter.  To my surprise and delight, I find that I am quite enjoying the process.

Below is a sampling of a few of the "summer seams" that emerged from the Bernina.…