Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yukata Quilt: Border and Backing

When I came back from the "Curves and Composition with Yukatas" workshop a few weeks ago, the four quadrants of my quilt top had been sewn together but not finished with a border. Borrowing an idea I had seen in one of Patricia's quilts, I decided a square in a square 3" block would use up some of the scraps, plus add a bit of a "glitzy necklace" frame around the  butterfly.

The idea was to encircle the 1" jewel coloured squares inside a navy border.

When I ran out of the navy fabric, instead of cutting into another chunk of the navy yardage (which has been purchased to be the back of my silk wholecloth quilt), I decided to make a few of the blocks using just the jewel tones. These were casually interspersed around the border.

I tried to add the more colourful blocks in areas of the quilt where the navy came to the edge.

After the border was completed, there wasn't much of the "Yukata" fabric left over, but I managed to get a centre block made with what was left. Although none of the red yukata that I used as sashing on the back is on the front, I had cut into it for the butterfly, but decided against using it there.

And, as you can see, I caved in and did cut into more of the navy yardage to finish the back. Hopefully my quilt shop still has some of that navy on hand so that I can replace what I used for this project.

The quilt is now ready to be sandwiched and machine quilted.