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Rose Window Boutis Pouch

It's TGIF Day; "Thank Goodness It's Finished"

This little pouch, which is a prototype, certainly came with it's fair share of headaches as I learned to deal with the peculiar characteristics of hand stitching on silk, see my post of   (Feb.10, 2014), but now that it's finished, I have forgiven it all it's obstinate idiosyncrasies and am looking forward to more projects with silk in the future.

Once the boutis piece had been blocked, it was trimmed leaving a generous 1 inch seam allowance around the perimiter. Next I cut a facing piece to the identical size as the stitched piece.

The assembly process:

Step 1. With right sides together, using a tiny back-stitch, the pouch flap front was carefully hand stitched to the lining, making sure that the stitching be flush with the last row of cording. The excess fabric was trimmed away to a scant 1/4 ", and the edges were finished with a blanket stitch. (This could have been done on the machine, using the cordi…

Boutis:Stitched and Corded

What a Relief!

Boutis is a play of light and shadow created by first, stitching the motifs and channels of the design (created specifically for boutis), and then inserting cotton yarn through these same channels. It's with the addition of the cording that the relief is created and this is what defines and gives life to the patterns and motifs of the piece. When working boutis, the cording process is just as important and time intensive as the stitching.

That being said, the little mobile phone pouch on silk that I have been working on is finally stitched and corded.

In my post of February 11/2014, "Boutis: The Straight and Narrow of Silk", I was describing the difficulty I had stitching the diagonal lines (shown below) accurately because the glare that my working light created on the silk made it very difficult to see the stitching lines. Notice the difference between the bottom half of the pattern, which is done correctly, and the top half, which is stitched very inacc…