Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Story

The idea of Seams French came around when my mom Elizabeth and I moved to Europe. It was about five years ago that I went off to grad school in the UK, while my parents decided to realize their dream of living in the south of France. I was studying contemporary art, and Elizabeth was developing her already considerable quilting skills by learning (and mastering) the techniques common to the region of Provence.

After two years I graduated and moved back to Canada to marry my beloved husband. We now live in Vancouver and absolutely love it! My parents live nearby in the same city for part of the year, but continue their French adventures on an annual basis.

Realizing that we work well together and have similar interests, Elizabeth and I have decided to begin our own sewing adventure. We consider it a bi-national effort of sorts, working together and separately as we see fit but constantly and enthusiastically. Elizabeth has developed her own line of fine linens which you can check out at www.seamsfrench.com, and loves the challenge of custom projects. I've taken a shine to quilting and have become the trusted apprentice, loving the process of colour selection, construction and the chance to learn a trade that so many of the women in my family have participated in at one time or other.

While Elizabeth is in France this blog is a way for us to communicate, but we're also hoping that other people who see this site and share similar interests will feel compelled to join in the conversation. Thanks for reading and happy threads!

-Leah Janzen

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