Sunday, June 19, 2011

Market "Daze"!

Every Saturday morning, throughout the year, local growers and producers set up their stalls at the market under the Arceaux. The Arceaux is an 18th Century aqueduct, 880 meters in length, that was used to bring water to the city. The local farmers sell their goods side by side with larger commercial growers and producers, along with vendors with imports from other neighbouring Mediterranean countries. However, only fresh, in season produce and products will be sold here, from the tomatoes ripened by the Meditteranean sun, to the latest batch of honey a local bee hive has just shared. If you are looking for apricots in January, you will not find them here. But if you are looking for them in June, you are in luck, because the sweetest, most flavourful apricots, as good as you have ever tasted, will be there to enjoy.

As it is getting to be the height of the growing season here, the tables were sagging at Saturdays market with a variety of savoury and sweet delights; from fresh fruit and veg, to cheeses, meats and olives. Le Marche (or the weekly market) is a tradition that the French still hold very dear. Even though the "hypermarche" has found it's way into the country, "le Marche" is still an integral part of the French way of life.

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