Friday, January 27, 2012

More Vintage Embroidery

As much as she loved doing her own needlework, my mother loved to share her skills with her daughters. Some of my earliest memories as a young child have me sliding around on a polished wooden deacons bench in a warm, sunny kitchen, with my mother's attentions divided between the stove, (and whatever happens to be simmering there), and the very enthusiastic, (if a somewhat restless), little needleworker absorbed on a scrap of fabric and a basket full of colourful embroidery threads.

Her favourite time of the day was the evening, when her work was done, and she could relax with her own embroidery. Here are just a few of the embroidered tablecloths that she made during those evenings.

She also embroidered many pillowcases and tea towels that were meant to be used and are still being used by grateful friends and family.

Not only has she left her family with a legacy of lovingly embroidered linens, she has also left me with a love for all things textile, and that basket of colourful threads still fascinates me.


  1. I love all the linens I have from Oma. The tablecloths, blankets and pillowcases are things I use every day. I remember that purple tablecloth. It was always one of my favorites

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    1. Hi Victoria. I'm very happy that you found my website and my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing these. It makes me want to be more mindful of the backside of my embroidery . I'm always thinking of ways of covering it up with scrapes of cloth to hide the mess. :)

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