Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going "Brocantes" in Barjac

In the pleasant atmosphere of a Renaissance village, under the shade of magnificent plane trees that are a very familiar sight in France, the town of Barjac hosts it's annual 3 day "Foire aux Antiquites et la Brocante" (Antique Fair and Flea Market).

Barjac, a 2 hour drive north of Montpellier in the Gard region of France, is a Renaissance village, complete with ancient narrow, winding roads that are flanked on either side by stone houses, original to the time.

The vibrant colour of the red geraniums and impatience adds life to the golden grey of the limestone walls.
A gateway to a residential area.
 Here the old  town ramparts act as a market place for the 3 day event.

Frequented by both locals and tourists, the fair has been an annual event since 1974. As the name suggests, (Antique Fair and Flea market), there are both quality antiques to be found as well as some more affordable vintage finds.

Beautifully refinished furniture can be found as well as a vast assortment of  unfinished  furniture for those who like the challenge.
Antique china everywhere.

Copper ice buckets.
Copper pots and pans. Wish I had the space for some of those!

At these markets, I am always on the lookout for vintage linens, silks, laces etc.. In my next blog, I will post photos of some of my finds.

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