Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumnal Table Linens

With company visiting last weekend and with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, I took a little time-out from my regular stitching to add some colour to the table linen scene.

Two years ago, when sewing some rather large drapes for a patio window, it was necessary to buy a whole bolt of fabric in order to get the colour and weight of linen required. Because there were about 12 meters of linen left over, there was easily enough for a tablecloth. It was made to fit our table with an added extension, but here it's on the table without any extensions.

(The colour of the linen is actually a brownish terracotta. The colours on the first two photos are much "pinker" then the true colour. I'm not sure why; all photos were taken at the same time?!?)

To get the width that I wanted, some additional lengths of fabric had to be added to each side of the fabric.

In staying true to my goal of using only (well mostly!) fabrics from my stash this year, I was also able to make coordinating napkins. When working with linens, I make sure to square up carefully before cutting. It's always time well invested.

There are six dinner napkins and six cocktail napkins.

While "rifling" through my "stuff" looking for coordinating linen for the napkins, I unearthed some autumnal WIP placemats that were started about 5 years ago. Because I love needle turn applique, and have not done any for far too long, I kept these out in the hopes that between now and Thanksgiving 2014, there may be an opportunity or two where I could finish them. Here's hoping!!! The placemats have been pieced and the applique finished on one. Everything else is organized and ready to stitch. It really should be possible to complete without too much stress!

The colour of the linen tablecloth in this photo is much closer to the real colour. Not sure why the first two photos turned out to be so "Pinkish", even after several edits in Photoshop.

Wishing all of my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving, and everyone else (wherever you are) a very happy weekend.


  1. My camera also tends to shift everything to the cool end of the colour spectrum. Sometimes the photos are the most challenging part of the project!

    But those autumn mats will be worth finishing -- they are a nice design, although the applique looks tricky! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

    1. Hi Monica. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours that your part of the world is known for. We were out taking some photos of the colours around here yesterday, and I got a lesson in white balance. Hopefully it will help future pics.

      Thanks for your comments on the place mats. Positive reinforcement certainly helps increase the likelihood of finishing them sometime before next Thanksgiving.