Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And now... for Something Completely Different

Dapper Dog!

Meet my friend Winston.

Doesn't he just blend perfectly into the gentle, pastoral scene of the French toile?

Aside from being a well mannered, polite young man, Winston is always impeccably groomed; clean and coiffed, without a hair ever out of place. So, when Winston's "staff" (aka: "his people") approached me with a request to update his wardrobe, I was up for the challenge, even though I have "retired" from the fashion aspect of stitchery.

Being a resident of the Pacific Northwest coast, rain gear is a wardrobe essential. For those long walks in the park on all the wet and soggy winter days, we chose this very cheerful and vibrant red waterproof material which is paired with a multi-animal print fleece.

Fabrics and pattern ready to go.

And here we are, Runway Ready!

A second coat, which will do for those crisp and chilly early morning walks along the seawall, is made from faux fur with a Burberry"ish" reversible side. (Nothing but the best for "Dapper Dog".)

Of course, working with faux fur is a somewhat different experience then working with the cottons, linens and silks that have been in my more recent creative endeavours. Some of the techniques that I learned taking a parka sewing course at McPhee Workshop, some 25 years ago came in very handy for this project.

Normal tools of the trade gave way to more practical equipment. This faux fur sheds more then my daughter's cats.

Here we are dressed and ready for the coldest day of the year, but since today is not that day, Winston has some questions!

The glamour of the runway does seem to have it's drawbacks. He is wondering how much longer he has to sit on this perch, wearing "fur" on top of fur? Indoors?

Both coats are fully reversible. Here the mood is more "country estate".

The "almost Burberry" reverse side of the "fur" coat.

Ready for all kinds of winter weather, "Dapper Dog" is set to go. Did somebody spell "w-a-l-k"?


  1. Definitely a Dapper Dog with his new outfits! How lucky he is to have his own couturier!

    1. It seems, that Seams French has gone Seams Doggie, (but just for a few very special clients!).

  2. What a great model he is! Both coats are awesome, but I really love the furry one. Well done!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It was my first venture into dog couture, so it was all a bit hit and miss. And yes, he is a very good model, (and a few treats on the side didn't hurt either).

  3. LOL, he really is a great model. Such a perfect, innocent expression. :)

    Beautiful job on the coats, I can see the attention to detail. I'm sure his "people" will get many compliments!

    1. Winston is really the best behaved dog I have ever met; better behaved then some people.:)

      I'm very happy that the coats worked out as well as they did, so hopefully Winston won't have to be embarrassed walking in his "hood". Thanks for generous comments.

  4. Better behaved than Bulldozer used to be? LOL!

    1. Hi Mona. Now that's a tough question!?:) I have a feeling that Winston could have taught Bulldozer a thing or two about civil behaviour! Hey thanks for stopping by my blog.