Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Seams French goes Seams Baby

Other then the "Stars and Butterflies" quilt from my last post, the Bernina has been diligently stitching away at many other baby related goodies. Most were made for grandbaby H, but some were also made to be given as gifts to family and friends.

The Bernina at Seams French was not the only one busy stitching before Christmas. During my daughter's pregnancy, hand stitching became a way for her to relax and prepare for the baby's arrival. The first photo shows the quilt that she started hand piecing when she was just weeks into the pregnancy. She machine quilted it and completed the last few rows about a week before baby H arrived. Talk about timing. Because she found the hand piecing very relaxing, when the quilt had been pieced, she spent evenings hand stitching the star fish bunting now hanging on the wall behind the crib.

Baby H has now laid claim to this bright and sunny room. She loves "chattering" to the calico prints in the quilt.

This little cross stitch kitty was something that I had embroidered during my pregnancy with my daughter, (many moons ago). Alas, because it was never stuffed at the time, it never did find it's way into her crib. But now, all these years later, it has finally found it's home.

Pretty kitty keeping watch.

Of the more practical items sewn,  receiving blankets were a priority. Some were sewn with a double layer of flannel, others with only a single. All are in use and appreciated. The stitching frenzy of the past number of months included gifts for family and friends as well.

Some of the blankets had little pockets sewn into them into which a toy or little gift can be tucked.

A little burp cloth matches this blanket.

A knit hat and booties completed this gift.

One of a number of burp cloths made to match the blankets.

A fold up change pad travels easily or stores easily at grams place. I made one for H to take home with her and one for her to use at our place.

I found a cheerful, springy blue laminated fabric to use on the inside for easy clean up.

A heavier blanket, made with cotton and a fleece lining, attaches to the stroller or a car seat.

The Bernina got a lot more mileage then the photos above show, but this is a sampling of what we (Bernina and I) did. With fun fabrics and trims, and fairly simple, quick stitching, I admit that I enjoy sewing for baby and am looking forward to many more Seams Baby projects.


  1. Congratulations on your grandbaby! You've sewn some lovely items for her, lucky baby.

    1. Thanks Cynthia. It's nothing like the beautiful heirloom sewing that you do for your grandkids, but your work has inspired me and I am hoping to get some time soon to stitch something pretty for H to wear.

  2. So many pretty finishes! I love the trim on the receiving blankets - what a lovely finishing touch. And how neat that the kitty made its way into your granddaughter's crib!

    1. Thanks so much. One of the reasons I like making baby things is because of all the fun trims and embellishments that can be added. As you know, new moms have limited time for the frills and extras, so I think that it's appropriate that the kitty made it to grand baby's menagerie, even if it didn't make it to her mumma's.

  3. I love that kitty too, and it is wonderful that it has finally found a place.

    You have both been so busy, and I am very impressed that your daughter finished her quilt before the baby arrived! Plus, the starfish are a fun touch as well. I sense a creative life ahead for this baby!

    1. Thanks Monica. Considering baby made her grand entrance 2 weeks before she was expected, the quilt did just get finished in the nick of time!

      Between mumma and gramamma, baby is going to have a very tough time if she chooses to be indifferent to all things "fibre and textile". One way or another, I'll do my best to make sure she wears a thimble with pride one day.

    2. Even if she does rebel down the road, it will probably be to some new fibre art that we haven't thought of yet!