Friday, July 20, 2012

"Bonheur" on the "Bonheur"

"Bonheur", the French word for happiness, is the appropriately named hotel barge that gently carries it's passengers down the Canal du Bourgogne through the idyllic French countryside of Burgundy.

"The Lady Bonheur" moored for the day.
We floated along scenic, tree-lined canals.
Along the way, we passed by postcard perfect country villages.
Pretty little gatehouses stand watch at each lock.

Annie and Paul Roberts, the owners and hosts of the Bonheur, add special touches to the day to make it memorable. While Captain Paul skillfully pilots the boat down the waterways, Annie works her magic in the kitchen.

Special touches.
Paul outlining the days schedule.
Annie in the process of creating yet another delicious meal.
Using fresh, local ingredients,  Annie whips up one fantastic meal after another. Here we sample some local cheeses and charcuterie.
Served alongside peppers stuffed with oven dried tomatoes, onion confit, and a parsleyed ham terrine.
A ham, leek and tomato terrine round off this Burgundian lunch on board the Bonheur.
After a day of cruising the canal or visiting local historical sights, it's nice just to relax on deck and watch the day become evening.

More next time about some of the interesting places we visited with Paul.

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  1. Beautiful photos! The lighting on the photo of Annie is particularly nice. It all looks quite idyllic! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)