Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boutis of Provence with Madame Francine Born

This summer, I am very fortunate to be taking some classes in "boutis" with Madame Francine Born. Madame Born is one of the "Grandes Dames du Boutis" in southern France, and as such, has a vast amount of knowledge related to the history and the traditional techniques of the craft. Along with the many samples of her own work that she brings to the class for her students to study, she also has many stories to share about the history and the tradition of boutis. And of course, through out the class, priceless gems of technique are taught.

She showcases her work on her own website: or (Google will translate).

"Le Mireille" is one of Madame Born's designs, using traditional motifs and symbols for the design. In the design on the left, she uses coloured cording in the channels. The same design on the right uses white cording.
"Les papillons" (butterflies), combines boutis with "matelasse" ( hand quilting with batting).
My work in progress for the next class at the end of July. These are some of the sewing notions required for boutis.

Her kits, as well as some of the materials, are available on her website.


  1. While I am very much a colour girl myself, I do have to say that Le Mireille is stunning in the all white version. Thanks for the link!

  2. I agree with you Monica. The all white boutis is my favourite as well and most traditional boutis is all white. To see these quilts up close is really very inspiring. I will continue to post blogs about boutis throughout the summer. Thanks for checking in.