Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hummingbird Boutis

This hummingbird is the first in a series of boutis pieces featuring birds that I am currently in the process of designing.

As with most of my quilting designs, the hummingbird has evolved in the construction process, and may change some more before the final stitch is sewn. The centre of the piece has already been stitched and I hope to get a lot more work done as we make our way back to Vancouver.

Tomorrow morning we lock up our little place in the sun and will spend a few weeks on the road touring northern Germany, Belgium and France before heading home. Train travel is a good place to do some stitching, so ever the optomist, I expect to get at least a little work done en route. I'll report when we are settled back in Vancouver, sometime towards the end of October.

Until then, enjoy the colours of autumn wherever you are, and Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians, where Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Monday, October 8. (Wish I were there. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday).


  1. What a beautiful design! Safe journey. :)

  2. So sorry that I left my previous message on an old post. I LOVE your work and quite in awe of all that you have done. Amities, Averyclaire

  3. Hi Monica. Thanks for checking in and for your well wishes. We are back home in Vancouver and I will post a new blog shortly.

  4. Hi Averyclaire. I'm so glad that you found my little blog. Thanks so much for your kind words. Regarding Boutis classes in the south of France, there are 2 that I know run classes fairly regularly. One is Boutis Provence, taught by Mme. Francine Born in Nimes, the other is the "Maison du Boutis" in Calvisson. I would be happy to share more detailed information with you. Please feel free to write to me at Looking forward to hearing from you. Elizabeth