Monday, October 29, 2012

Shop Windows

Finally back home on the Pacific coast of Canada, life is slowly returning to a comfortable rhythm and routine. With my project list before me, I am looking forward to a fall and winter of creating and producing as many things textile as I can. My "hirondelle" boutis piece is coming along (see my previous post) and I hope to begin the cording before long. Other projects, I will write about as they come up.

To get back to Vancouver from Montpellier, we took a long, round about route to Heathrow Airport in London, where we eventually caught our flight home. Our detour took us from Montpellier to northern Germany, Belgium and Calais,France, where we caught the Eurostar to London.

On this little tour of northern Europe, we spent some time in the Belgian cities of Antwerp and Bruges. Wandering through the medieval, winding streets of Antwerp and Bruges, our senses were constantly delighted. From the sweet, spicy scent of Speculoos cookies and gingerbread baking in the patisseries, to the eye candy in the shop windows, every turn provided a new surprise.

In Antwerp, Belgian chocolates in the form of Hallowe'en treats.

The entrance to a pub in Antwerp featured a wall of local beer bottles.

There was an abundance of Belgian laces in many shop windows.

Some of these little butterflies followed me home.

Our final stop on this tour was London. Of the many opportunities to shop in London, Liberty of London is a favourite. Smaller then the mega stores like Harrods and John Lewis, Liberty of London is somehow easier to comprehend and navigate; a more intimate, comfortable setting. I find it more user friendly. (The fact that they have a whole floor dedicated to fabrics and fibres could have something to do with my preference!)

Liberty of London from the street.

The interior of the store from the top floor.

Wall coverings and upholstery fabrics.

Silky, smooth Liberty cotton prints.

Most of the top floor was dedicated to the delights of Christmas.

Christmas crackers. Can't get more British then that!

And of course, while in London, there are the museums and galleries to visit. The Victoria and Albert Museum is always on our "must stop" list while in London. To my delight and surprise, the "Tristan" quilt was "in the house", and I had my first opportunity to see this ancient piece of boutis. More on that in the next blog.

In the meantime, with the approach of Hurricane Sandy, I am mindful today of  everyone on the eastern coast of the US and Canada. Wishing all of you safe times in the next few days.


  1. Gorgeous! I am not surprised that the butterflies followed you home! It is a long time now since I shopped at Liberty - it all looks so tempting.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Tristan quilt. Happy sewing!

  2. Hi Monica. Thanks for stopping in. I do have a thing for butterflies, and I find they"follow" me quite often. From your latest blog, I think that you relate to them as well. There's something perfectly beautiful and delicate about butterflies.