Friday, January 25, 2013

A "Notion" to Sew

The right tools are just as important for sewing as they are for any other job. Using the right tools can eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted time, as well as assure a better final result. Below are the basic notions that I find indispensable whenever I am at the machine.

Left to right: small, sharp scissors;  tweezers;  stiletto;  seam ripper;  ruler with movable marker;  bone folder;  2 types of markers, depending on the job;  ruler for squaring up corners.

The "General's Charcoal White" marking pencil is perfect for most surfaces. I especially like it for marking quilts; it creates a clearly visible, clean line with relative ease. (Not all chalk pencils are created equal!)

I find that the "General's" pencil sharpens easily and doesn't break when sharpening, which many pencils do.

Fabric shops are not the only place to find the right notions for sewing. Below is a set of potter's tools that I recently found at an art shop for under $10.00. So often I am looking for just the right tool for turning a corner and making it sharp, or to flatten a seam. These potters tools provide a variety of sizes with different types of ends points, all of which will come in handy at some time or other.

This week's project, using many of the above notions, was a "sac" (shopping bag). Living in France, we have become accustomed to carry a "sac" with us almost every time we leave home. This particular style is easy to carry when full of shopping, and it folds down quite flat when empty  .

The fabric used for the bag is a tightly woven canvas, laminated on the inside for easy cleaning, yet still pliable and easy to work with. The edges are reinforced with a resilient piping.

Front view.
(Note our poinsettias in the background.  They are starting to lose their leaves, but the splash of red is still welcome on these very dark winter days.)

Side view.
The bag has already been christened with it's first load of groceries. Apparently it passed the test!


Whole Cloth Update:

Jan. 25/13

Hours of hand quilting this week: 5 hours, 10 mins.

Remaining arches:  20

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