Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Reboot/Refresh

Ah....!!! The ritual of the morning coffee.

While I am on the yoga mat refining that "perfect"? posture, the ritual of preparing that perfect cup of coffee is underway in the kitchen. The likelihood of the coffee reaching that perfect state of zen is much greater then that of the yoga posture.

After the energizing reboot/refresh of the morning ritual, there has been some progress to my ongoing projects.

Stitching has been completed and the cording stage of the "calibri" (hummingbird) boutis piece has started.

The hummingbird is slowly emerging.

Progress on the whole cloth hand quilt, mentioned in my last blog, was quite limited during the holidays, however, in the last week, I have averaged just under 2 hours of hand quilting per day. Never having been a speedy hand quilter, it will take me a while to get the speed up again.

These arches (most likely artichoke motifs) form the first of 3 rows in the border.

Each motif , along with the adjacent stem of berries, takes about 3 hours to quilt. There are currently 26 of these motifs left in the first border. Hopefully as I spend more time at it, my speed will increase.

I relate well to routine and pre planning, so I will try to get in those 10 hours of quilting every week. However, to quote John Lennon, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".


  1. They both look amazing! I like the "artichoke" edge motif, and I can see some pretty great stuff happening in the corner there too.

    Your morning routine sounds excellent. My yoga practice has lapsed, unfortunately, but I couldn't do without the coffee!

  2. Thanks Monica. You're right about the coffee. Even though I have fallen into the decaf world, I still look forward to that big bowl of almost "chocolaty" elixir.