Sunday, March 31, 2013

Les Couleurs Botaniques

"Joyeuses Paques" Happy Easter

A visit to the local greenhouse this past week provided for a colourful and cheerful welcome back to the south of France. Although the weather has been unseasonably cloudy and wet, the brilliant burst of colours at our favourite gardening centre did much to brighten the mood.

This gloriously golden primula found it's way home with us.

The shop was ablaze with brilliant oranges and yellows.

The citrus trees in the yard were heavy with fruit.

Kumquat trees ready to be planted in someones garden

Neon pinks and oranges seem to have joined chartreuse as the "les couleurs du jour".

Pretty arrangements ready for Easter.

More primulas that now brighten up our balcony.

It's no wonder that so many quilters and other fibre artists choose flowers as their design subject. The natural beauty and brilliance of a flower is always inspirational, and will always find a welcome home in all things thread and fibre.


  1. Joyeuses Pâques to you too! What beautiful colours. Just the thing, because it is very grey here today too. Plus, they're predicting snow tomorrow! I'm sure you're happy to be settled again in France. I'm looking forward to lots more photos!

    1. Hi Monica. I hope that the snow by-passed you and your managed a little sunshine on Easter. Here, the sun made a valiant attempt yesterday to make an appearance, but was beaten back today with more clouds and rain. Hopefully, one of these days, (and soon), spring will gain the upper hand. In the meantime, stay warm.