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Revival of the Fittest!

During a recent reorganization (excavation) of my closets, I unearthed a treasure trove of unfinished, not quite forgotten, quilt projects from the early days of my quilting "career" (I wish). Most of these early quilts focus on handwork: applique, piecing, embroidery and quilting. Although handwork remains my favourite method of construction, reality entered my consciousness at some point, and I realized that to actually complete a quilt within an honourable time frame, the sewing machine would have to become part of the creative process. Since those early days, there have been many completed projects, however, these stragglers always seem to be put back on the shelf. It's time to breathe new life and weave new threads into these quilts. Over the next year, my "free sew" time will be dedicated to that goal and the revival of these quilts. Quilters reading this post will recognize many of these quilts, and quite possibly have some of them hidden under a sta

Bringing in the Sheaves!

Under the early morning sun in "le Grande Sud", on what was promising to be another very hot day last July, our good friends J & C, called us to their home to help harvest the lavander. Over the previous week, the lavander had exploded into a profusion of colour, fragrance and buzzing bees. We spent the morning enveloped in the heady fragrance of lavander, trimming the stalks and tying them into neat bundles, in preparation for the drying process. The fruits of our labours were dried, preserved and poured into sachets. Some became Christmas presents, and others continue to freshen our linens for months to come.

Butterflies are free!

Christmas presents in our family have evolved into a thoughtful, year-long process to find the perfect book for each other. Not only is it exciting to look for the perfect book for, say, my daughter, it's just as exciting to see what my son-in-law finds for me. Although we all know that it is a book under the wrapping, the suspence is just as great as if the contents of the package were completely unknown. This year, to dress it up a little, (and because I just can't help myself), I sewed a round of bookmarks from a single butterfly applique. And... because there was no additional cost involved, it was allowed. After all, butterflies are free!