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Boutis Round Up

Projects in Progress Even though the summer was filled with many activities and other types of sewing and quilting, boutis was never far from my mind, and it even found it's way into my hands from time to time. (Which sadly, was not a regular occurrence.) However, I did manage to work on each of the 4 different projects below. Little by little. 1. Le Mireille (design by Francine Born) "Le Mireille" which is from a kit designed by Francine Born, is my long term study of traditional boutis design and technique . The goal that I have set for myself for this project is to experiment with different threads as well as with a variety of the "boutis sanctioned" stitches. As I work my way through the quilt top, I also hope to do a little research on the symbols and motifs used in the design. Other then a few spaces intentionally left unstitched for now, the centre motif is complete. Below is a close up of the stitching so far, showing an outline stitch and

Sashiko Fun

Sashiko and Patchwork Play Together While her mother-in-law was visiting a year ago, my daughter was working on a quilt in which she will incorporate some sashiko. When her MIL took an interest in what she was doing, we both thought it would be fun to involve her in the process. With limited stitching experience of any kind, but showing some enthusiasm, (and being a very good sport), she let us persuade her to try her hand at sashiko. With our own limited experience of the technique, we made up the sashiko pattern using one of my many books on the subject, gave some basic instructions to MIL and set her loose. Before she left that summer, she had completed the stitching on this little 15" x 10" piece of indigo. Amazing work for someone who is not only new to sashiko, but a novice to most kinds of needlework. Well, I thought that type of enthusiasm deserved a reward, so before she came back to visit this past summer, I used her stitched sashiko to make a bag for

Baby Bee's Party Dress

What to wear for that first important meeting with extended family and friends?  Baby Bee (or Little H, Lady H, etc. - nick names are still evolving) was recently faced with this dilemma when she and her "staff" flew off to the prairies for various birthday celebrations, wedding showers, dinners, picnics, etc.. But no worries! Lucky for her, Bee's got a Gram, who is always itchin' for stitchin'. First stop, the stash. The beautiful mint green bug print from Birch Fabrics (bottom of the photo), was already there and provided the theme for the party ensemble. Three coordinating Birch prints found their way into the stash after a quick visit to a favourite local quilt shop. A length of white linen, also from the stash, was the perfect canvas against which to set these playful prints.  Along with a great choice of fabrics, there also needed to be a choice of styles and patterns. Of the 4 patterns and the one book that I used, all but one of the patterns made

High Flying Baby Quilt

Even though it's been years since my daughter was a student, decades since I taught school, eons since I was a student myself, there's something about the end of summer/early September that seems to push a refresh/reset button in my brain. Because I relate well to routine and a certain amount of structure, the references to a school day seem to recall routine to my life. That having been said, it's time to dust off the keyboard and push the reset/reboot key on the blog. The break from the "blogisphere" did not transfer over to a break from either sewing machine or needle and thimble. Over the last few months both have been gainfully occupied and have produced some finishes and, as always, new starts and more Phd's (Projects half done). First on the priority list was the little "High Flying" baby quilt.  It was finished and sent off to it's new little owner in June, where hopefully it brought sweet dreams with it. Completed baby quil