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Lavander and Old Lace

or: "Fun with Bernina" Not only did I use up some of the vintage lace in my stash recently to make some lavander sachets, I also finally had time to "play" with my Bernina Embroidery Module. Fun though it was, what I am really looking forward to is learning to use the embroidery software. This will allow me to incorporate my own designs into my Bernina's stitching capabilities. Berninas preset designs and monograms are very easy to use and adjust easily to the appropriate size for the project. Perhaps the best part of the automated embroidery program is that while the machine stitches, I can be prepping the next project. I have a lot more to learn and need to do a lot more experimenting before I will be using this equipment to its fullest capabilities, but the process will be fun.

Vintage Lace

Whereas my mother was a dedicated quilter and embroiderer, my grandmother, her mother, was devoted to crochet. Thinking back to my early childhood, I remember lace gracing many surfaces of our home, from dresser tops, to armchair covers, to doilies under plants. Although lace does not sit on top of my own dressers and armchairs, I am drawn to it's fine, web-like intracacies, and find its delicacy beautiful. When travelling, I seek out antique markets and shops in the hope of finding lace that may be appropriate to incorporate into some of my work. Some of the lace doilies that my grandmother crocheted. When my mother was a young girl (circa 1927), my grandmother crocheted this top and hairband for her using silk spun by their own silk worms. A collection of laces from my travels. Included is Edwardian bobbin lace, found at the Nottinghill Antique Market in London, there are some Venetian laces, chantilly lace, and a delicate collar from a little girls dress. By far, m