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Boutis in France

Having been back in Montpellier for 3 weeks now, spring cleaning is done, the pantry is more or less restocked with all of the local delicacies, and our balcony is slowly "greening up". We have also spent time with friends, savouring the delights of the countryside, both with our eyes and our taste buds. Spring fields are brilliant with poppies that grow wild. A local vineyard that makes a refreshing rose. The nearby fishing village of Grau du Rois. Aside from enjoying some of the delights of the area, my research of the local needlework tradition of boutis continues. I was fortunate to be able to attend the first "Salon National du Boutis", held in Caissargues (near Nimes), and organized by France Boutis. France Boutis supports both traditional and contemporary boutis, and the exhibition had the best of both types of work on display. Because of copyright concerns, I have no photos of the show, however, the following links