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Embroidered Art

...and Silk Threads One of the advantages of travel is collecting images and ideas that I can use to influence and inspire my designs. Recently, while visiting friends whose art collection reflects their many travels, I was drawn in particular to several pieces in their collection of vintage textiles. In the crypt of the Basilica of San Isidora de Leon , The Royal Pantheon , in Spain, there is a 12th century fresco on an archway depicting the 12 months of the year and the agricultural labours associated with each month. In medieval times, seasonality was recognized and respected, because it meant survival to another season. With all the disease and wars that were rampant at the time, living to see the next season was not something that could be taken for granted, so the medieval calender became a celebration of sorts. Purchased in 2005 at the studio of textile artists near the basilica, this piece is a replication of the month of September taken from the fresco, and celebrates

Embellished Quilts

" ... And Silk Threads" Even before "Mr. Darcy" was introduced on the screen in the 1995 BBC Production of "Pride and Prejudice", I was enchanted with the opening segment, where an elegant young hand gracefully pulls needle and thread through a delicate silky fabric. It alludes to a gentle activity in a peaceful, serene setting. Perhaps it is this feeling that all is well with the world that has always drawn me to embroidery and hand work in general. When I first started quilting about 15 years ago, it was the lure of the hand work that drew me and and then captured me. Therefore, most of my early quilts involved mostly hand stitching using applique, embroidery and quilting. At the time, "Piecemakers - Times and Seasons" calenders (that came with a full set of patterns) were a popular attraction in the local quilt shops. I registered for a class and thereafter became completely consumed with applique and embellished hand quilting for a while