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"High Flyers" Baby Quilt

Do you find that certain milestone events seem to happen to you and all of your acquaintances at the same time in life? When you're younger, everyone seems to be getting married and having children at the same time, then the kids grow up, get married and have their own kids.  Well, now seems to be that time in life when my generation is experiencing "grandparent hood" for the first time. That, by way of explanation, is why there is another baby quilt in the works. This one, for a sweet newborn baby boy, is all about kites and rainbows and lots of sunshine. It's another machine applique quilt, but this time, the pieces are simpler and more manageable then the stars in the Star Quilt and came together quite quickly and without too many unexpected difficulties. The 3 design motifs: rainbow, kites, sunshine. For this type of applique, freezer paper is my go to method. First I trace and cut out all of the templates, to actual size, onto the freezer paper, iron t

Boutis Pouch: Butterflies and Shamrox

This is the latest of my little boutis pouches. Every piece that I create is an experiment with design, materials and stitches. This little pouch was made using traditional materials and techniques: boutis cotton batiste (front and back),  cotton cording specifically for boutis (purchased in France) and white cotton hand quilting thread. The stitches that I used are the 3 most common stitches found in boutis: running stitch, back stitch and outline stitch. The pouch is tri-fold, with 3 different design elements; a butterfly on the front flap, a shamrock on the front of the pocket (underneath the flap), and the " point de Vauvert " pattern on the back. Because "point de Vauvert " is quite heavily corded, it gives the pouch more structure and stability. The finished pouch has been washed and is tacked to a sheet of foam core to square it up as it dries. The piece has been primarily stitched with the running stitch ,  the most commonly used stitch in boutis. 

SeamsBaby: "Hooted" Bath Towel

(or) "Grams gives a Hoot !" At almost 5 months old, Grandbaby H has already outgrown several sizes of her first little wardrobe. Of course, included in every discerning baby's wardrobe are such fashion essentials as the ever warm and snuggly hooded bath towel with matching wash-mitts. Having out grown her first one, (already!)  H submitted a gentle request for a replacement. Below is my new, improved version of this years " hooted " bath towel. Last years bunny theme is so " last year "! Ho-hum! This year, it's all about the owl. Presenting the Owl Towel ! Now which discerning baby wouldn't want this in her/his wardrobe? Ready to warm, dry and cuddle at a moments notice. Runway Ready: The Owl Towel Ensemble. Perfect for any occasion that requires instant warmth and "snugglability". (Sorry about all of the hootin' around; I just couldn't help myself!)