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Marking a Large Quilt for Stationery Machines

When quilting on a stationery, domestic machine, the overall visibility of a large design gets lost because the quilt has to be scrunched and bunched to fit into the machine and to distribute the weight. For this reason, taking the time to mark accurately is the first step to a successful result. In my experience, too often impatience has led to shortcuts which more often than not leads to regrettable results. Above is the full size skeleton design of my quilt top, 60" x 80", without borders. Some design details have been drawn on transparent mylar, and overlay the pattern skeleton. Because this quilt is so large, I did my marking in 3 main steps: 1. Registration Lines - the main division lines in the pattern 2. Skeleton - Outline of all design features 3. Detail -Filling in the shapes 1. Registration Lines:  My preferred method for the initial squaring up process and marking of registration lines is done on a clean floor, where the quilt top can be fairly