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Scrap the Stash II: Winging It

Since the beginning of the month, I have been quite happily stitching on my second "scrap the stash" quilt for the year which I have called "Winging It".  After finishing the quilt below in 2012, .... "Flight of Fancy" finished in January of 2012. .... I had a lot of pre-appliqued quarter circles, pre-cut squares and as always, lots of strips left over. A box full of strips left over from a number of baby quilts. There are 3 different sizes of machine appliqued quarter circles. And, a variety of pre-cut squares. Some of these squares I have been re-cutting into smaller pieces. These prepared pieces lent themselves quite easily to evolving into butterflies, so they became the first block for " Winging It ". Adding the centre strip for the body makes these butterflies a little different from the ones in the original quilt (see top photo). Once I had used up the majority of the sizes and shapes of appliqued qu

Scrap the Stash: "The Scrappler"

Blocks 35-61: The Scrappler Time-out! Someone or something needs to go for a nap. "The Scrappler", as I have named this unruly, tenacious compilation of strips, stripes and wonky, has had me out of my comfort zone long enough for the time being. By February 29th, I had 60 blocks made from this first set of scraps . Since my goal is 366 for the year, (readjusted when I realized it's a leap year), I'm on schedule. Because I wanted to eliminate as much trimming and waste as possible, I let the scraps dictate the form the blocks would take. Below is the last set of blocks I made from this particular conglomeration of scraps. By this time, there had been a lot of trial and error with colour placement and piecing ideas and I'm happier with these results then with the earlier blocks. Made only from strips, this is the last set of blocks I made from this particular bunch of scraps. The trial and error method started with these first two sets of blocks (next