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"Bundles" of Fabric!

Although I have been silent on the blogisphere lately, I have not been idle. With first grandbaby scheduled for arrival very soon, my stitching schedule has been preoccupied with all things "SeamsBaby". I seem to be a master of aspiring to overly "confident" (cough!), self-inflicted goals and certainly, for this particular occasion, my penchant to reach those lofty heights has not disappointed me. (For someone who doesn't even like heights, perhaps I should rethink this philosophy!)

This was the situation about a week ago. In the forefront, you can see several finished and almost finished projects. But do you notice the stacks of fabric holding  down the table in the back? In those bundles of fabric are an unlimited number of warm and cuddly baby "accoutrements"; inside blankies, outside blankies, change pads, burp pads, wet cloths, dry cloths, etc., etc. . All are biding their time, waiting to be noticed and transformed into a useful existence. (I hate to admit this, but this is not even the full extent of fabrics. Another bag of flannels is stashed behind the table!)

Bundles of fabric anticipating the "Bundle of Joy".

Of course, aside from requiring the whole new stash of fabrics (see above), delving into a new line of stitchery also requires a whole new library of resource books. Below are a few of the books I am currently using for ideas and references. For my current purposes, "Sew Modern Baby" by Angela Yosten and "Baby Times" by Alden Lane Quilts have been the most relevant. The other books below will be more useful in the future.

Notice the "Boutis for Children" book in the bottom row.  At the moment, having time to make those very cute little shoes on the cover of Christine Vignals book is very tempting but a tad over ambitious, even for me!

In the meantime, the star quilt has not been abandoned. Progress is being made, but I will not post too many photos until after it is finished.

The stars have been revised, and I am much happier with the outcome. In the end, I resorted to machine applique and foundation paper piecing (next photo) to get the desired results.

The colour choices have also been revamped.

Machine appliqued stars and fabrics for the backing.

The yellow fabrics used in the stars shown with the foundation paper pieced stars.

So, although absent from the blog scene, not absent from the stitching scene. Once I catch my breath, (possibly sometime in the new year) I'll post some photos of the actual cuddly, cozy things being stitched.

But for now, direct me to my Bernina.



  1. And maybe you'll have a new model for all your cozy stitching? The stars are looking wonderful, I think they're a great idea. Best wishes to mother and soon-to-be child, and have a happy holiday too!

    1. Thanks so much Monica. The idea of stars goes back to when our daughter was born and is a theme that just seems to naturally progress to the soon-to be generation. As to having a new model... that will depend on the number of waivers I will have to sign!

  2. Ooooh, the stars are beautiful! I can't wait to see all of these pretty things finished. Keep your eyes on the prize. Your sweet grandbaby will be here before you know it! xoxo

    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for your help with resources at the beginning of this journey. It is very much appreciated.

      And between soon to be grandbaby and Bernina, my eyes are not focusing on much else these days. But, the Bernina will be sent on an all inclusive holiday soon, I hope!


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